Great brands dare
to shape the future.
We help define them.

Defining Brands co.
We are here to create and advise on how you cut through and position your brand to grow your business. We specializing in branding, design, and production across all platforms and use the power of creativity to future proof and transform businesses into brands, make relevans and solve commercial and human issues.
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We are a creative brand agency specializing in branding, design, and creative communication across all platform

Our Process
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How we work


We find your position and set a direction.
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Research & insight
We identify opportunities by learning about your business, your market, and the people who interact with your brand.
Purpose, proposition & positioning
We find your position and set a direction. Find out why you exist, what’s unique about you and how you can use it to make the world better.
Brand & product architecture
We create names that make you stand out and design systems to help customers navigate in your products and brands.
Brand narrative
We write a narrative for your brand to define a platform to live and act by.
Hello my name is … we’ll find out. We create names to make you stand out from competitors and fit into the minds of the people you are talking to.
Voice & Messaging
The power of words can change mindsets. We define a distinctive tone of voice and messaging that fits your brand and talk to your customers.


We define your presence in visual, motion and sound.
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Visual Identity
We define a visual language to your purpose and proposition with the fundamental creative building blocks all brands need: from logo and colour palette through to bespoke typography and imagery.
Product & packaging
Your product is your brand - at least that's where you come closest to your customer. We help define your product to tell the right story, stand out and be the chosen one on the shelf.
Motion & Sound Identity
We ensure your brand’s expression is more than just a logo: it should be able to communicate through motion and sound.
Digital design
In a world of rapid change your brand has to thrive in the digital space. We transform the essence of your brand into a practical and intuitive interface that fits into the world it navigates in.
We translate the design language into materials to make the brand come to life in physical space and environment.
Implementation & Understanding
A brand's external success depends on how it is understood internally. We implement the brand into every touchpoint and equip your people with the tools and the support they need to make the brand live and make the change happen.


It's what you do that defines you
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Campaign Development
We create communication concepts to catch attention, spread words and make people feel all kind of feelings.
Content strategy & Production
The world is full of irrelevance. We make a plan for you content, to help you be relevant in the competition against cat videos and other attention thieves.
We make creative concepts that activates your purpose and proposition by solving real world problems for you audience
Everyday production
We keep it moving.

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