Defining Brands co.

From Copenhagen to the world

We collaborate with brands, businesses and in-house creative teams. We work with an army of highly creative people with diverse perspectives. It makes a rich, vibrant and open process full of ideas, opinions, and experience.

as F***

We can't help it. We always try to find new ways of doing things. Maybe it's time to let the old ways die ... and maybe it's not. But to find out we'll have to look into it and discover the opportunities.


Great work happens when anybody can speak up, be them self and have their opinion. We believe the truth is the fastest way to the best work.

What's your

We identify the real problem. Sometimes it is easy to spot, but more often it’s not.
And when we find it? ... We focus 100% on the right creative way to solve it.

Small ideas
can be big too

Big ideas comes in all sizes from all places and even the smallest ideas can make a big impact.

IN it together

You know, that we know, that you know. And together we know a lot more than that. We believe the best work happens when we don’t think of ourselves as client and agency but as one team that make magic happens.


Meet the challengers, the rule brakers and the future makers.

Mads Haakansson

Partner & Creative


Part-time Studio Dog

Mathias de Melo

Partner & Creative

Our process

Creative ideas, film & design.



We discover the opportunities, learn as much as possible about your brand and the audience who interacts with it.



Based on insights we find and set a direction, create ideas and design brand and campaign prototypes.



We bring your brands to life through thoughtful, beautifully crafted brand identities, campaigns og film.

Awards & Recognitions

We love what we do, and even more that others do too.

D&AD New blood - Winner
Featured on Ads of the world
Danish Design Award - Shortlist
Featured on World Brand Design
World logo design award - Winner
The Drum - Chip Shop award - Winner
Rambuk Awards 2020 Experimental Prisen - Shortlisted
Rambuk Awards 2021 Effekt prisen - Shortlisted
Rambuk Awards 2021 Content Activation Prisen - Shortlisted


We’ve worked with some great companies over the years. Here's a selected few.